Saturday, June 5, 2010

Blue Plum 5K

Every year the city that I live in has a HUGE festival for the first weekend of June, called the Blue Plum. Don't ask me why...I have no idea! Anyway, its always TONS of people, TONS of drinking, and TONS of fun. And on top of all that fun they throw in a 5K on Saturday morning!
Now, I am going to start out by telling you that I had NO intentions of running this race. And here were my reasons why:
  • I usually don't like short distance races, because they are too fast for me. I would much rather run long distances and keep a nice pace, then flat out sprinting for 3 miles! VERY intimidating!
  • The race was scheduled for 9 AM...I was scheduled to be into work at 10AM
  • I had already planned on taking advantage of the before mentioned "TONS of drinking" the night before
All those reasons had made me pretty much decide against it, even though a small part of me really wanted to do it. Hey, it was a race, it was close, and it was cheap...and you got a free t-shirt!
I guess that little part of me decided to jump on out when I accidentally asked my cousin Matt (who runs races with me usually) if he wanted to run with me on Saturday. I was kind of hoping that he would say NO, but he was SUPER enthusiastic about it. So, I got myself stuck.
You would think that knowing I had to wake up at 8AM for the race, I would have taken it easy last night. Yeah, you would think. I managed to only have a few beers, but my cousin and my roommate had a few more than that...which meant we didn't get home until after 2AM in the morning.
A brief 6 hours later, I was up, lacing up my running shoes, and pinning on my race tag.
My cousin Matt and I ready to run!
30 minutes after that I was standing at the starting line wondering if I could make it without falling asleep mid-stride.
The announcer came up to the start, mumbled something about the race...the which the guy beside me mumbled to me "so basically just start running when everyone else does, right?" Yep, he had it figured out.
Annndddd we were OFF! And let me just tell you it was HORRIBLE!! And here is why in a nice bulleted outline:
  • wayyyy tooo fasssttt!!! haha. maybe I am just a weakling, but I am just not good at short, fast distances (like I mentioned) I am much more comfortable with long, steady distances. When we started out I ran the first mile in 7:32. Again, WAYYYY TOOOO FAAASSSTT! And the thing was I kept telling myself it was too fast, but for some reason I didn't slow down! haha
  • It got HOTT and HUMID quick.
  • those beers I drank the night before were NOT helping me in the least
  • headphones were not allowed. this was the first time that I had ever ran without headphones. AWFUL! I had to listen to the people beside me breathing all heavy and worrying if they were gonna pass out right beside me! This makes me nervous. And nervous running = no good.
We finished, grabbed a water and a banana, and took off back home so I could shower and be ready for work in 45 minutes!
I didn't get to stay for the official results since I had to be at work so I was anxious all day to find out my time and placing.
As soon as I got home I jumped on the computer to check the results...I was rrrreeealllyyy hoping for a time of under 25 minutes and was SUPER bummed when I saw that my official time was 25:04.
However, the "bummy-ness" quickly turned around when I clicked on the link for age group placings. And saw this:

Female 20-24
Place O'All Name Bib# Age City St Time ===== ===== ========================= ==== === ===============  
1 120 Emily Harvey 486 24 25:04                              
2   151 Ashlee Jenks               197  24                                                                
3   196 Jessica Jones              550  20

Yep thats me! FIRST PLACE IN MY AGE GROUP!!! :)
I have never placed in a race before AND this was a PR time for me. So I guess all in all it wasn't so bad after all! And I am sooo glad that I decided to do it and not back out because of stupid reasons! In the end I bit the bullet, took the challenge, and came out on top. And even though I barely missed my goal of under 25 minutes, I still couldn't be happier with the race!
No its nap time and then another night out for Kelli's 21st! Hope everyone has a great weekend!
<3 Em

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's Officially Official

Good morning everyone! Its hump day which mean we are officially half way through the week...which mean I am half way through the last week of my single life. Come Monday I will FINALLY have my long distance boyfriend of 2 years LIVING WITH ME!! In case you are new to the blog and don't know, the boy lives in California...I live in TENNEESSEE! Yes, that right on the complete opposite side of the country! Not for long though :)
I have also been informed that it is officially National Running Day as well!

Click on the link to learn more about how you can participate, even if you are a non runner. You best believe I will be throwing on my running kicks for a nice little run today. Update on that later!
Continuing with the "official-ness" of today, last night it was officially my best friend Kelli's 21st Birthday!  This is exciting news, because I am it has been verrry difficult having a bestie that is not 21 yet! No longer will she have to worry about getting caught sneaking a sip of my drink or not being able to get into a place where we are all hanging out! It was a HAPPY day FO SHO!
And little Miss BIRTHDAY DIVA went all out! We had a fancy dinner at our favorite sushi restaurant. Her boyfriend and myself went early to decorate the entire restaurant for her 21 guests yes, she made sure to have 21 guests! haha. It turned out so cute and she had a great night!
Kelli's 21st BIRTHDAY!!! 001 
This was my substitute date, since my boyfriend still lives on the opposite coast line for now. Cory is one of my very best guy friends! he came early to help set up too!
Kelli's 21st BIRTHDAY!!! 003
The birthday girl and I. Her hat has a huge "21" on the top and says "Where's the Bar?" haha.
Kelli's 21st BIRTHDAY!!! 006
The table all set up! We had 3 DOZEN BALLOONS!
Kelli's 21st BIRTHDAY!!! 007
My date and I
Kelli's 21st BIRTHDAY!!! 010
This is Tanya, my boss, and one of my very best friends
Kelli's 21st BIRTHDAY!!! 012
Kelli made everyone party favors...they were plastic martini glasses filled with margarita flavored jelly beans and dots gummies for the olives, pretty clever huh?!
Kelli's 21st BIRTHDAY!!! 013
me, the birthday girl, and tanya
Kelli's 21st BIRTHDAY!!! 016
Kelli and her boyfriend Jimbo. He did such a great job with everything! What a sweetie!
Kelli's 21st BIRTHDAY!!! 018
A shot of the whole table
Kelli's 21st BIRTHDAY!!! 023
Her first "legal" drink! hehe
Kelli's 21st BIRTHDAY!!! 030
Cheers to the Birthday girl
 Kelli's 21st BIRTHDAY!!! 034
the birthday cake
Kelli's 21st BIRTHDAY!!! 035
blowing out the candles!
What a fun night! Everthing turned out just as planned and it was great! Happy Birthday KELLI!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

5th Grade Graduation

Good morning my dears! Sorry for the lack of update for a bit! I leave for California a week from today, so I have been running around like crazy trying to get everything ready. And I really only have a one track mind! haha.
Any ways, running hasn't been #1 the past couple of days, and my knee is still giving me a little trouble so I have been trying to stay off of it as much as I can. There is no need to push it and cause something REALLY bad!
In other news, my little sister graduated from 5th grade this weekend! I went to her graduation, and it was just the cutest thing you have ever seen! All the little boys were wearing suits and ties, and the little girls were all dressed up too.
Just a little fact that you should know about my little sister...she is a GENIUS! And I'm not just saying that. I swear she is 11 going on 30. Its kinda crazy. So at the graduation I think they called her name somewhere around 563729 times to receive awards! haha
Tatums 5th grade graduation 013
Tatums 5th grade graduation 023
can you see the resemblance?! Probably not. I'm pretty sure that I was the milk man's baby. Everyone in my family has dark curly hair and I'm the oddball. Oh well, I like being different :)
In other news, my BIG trip to California is only 5 DAYS AWAY! I would be lying if I didn't say that I was FREAKING OUT! Mostly about packing for a two week trip (50% of that will be in the car) the other 50% would be meeting the boy's ENTIRE family, friends, etc.
What are some of your best tips for packing for a long trip?
I have been making list after list of things to pack, things to do before I go, things not to forget, blah, blah, blah. I just need to calm it down! haha.
Tonight is my best friend Kelli's 21st Birthday! We are throwing her a huge party at her favorite restaurant, so that should be fun! I mean what 21st birthday isn't fun?! I'll update with pictures tomorrow :)
Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend!
<3 EM