Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Hey hey girls and guys! Well, I am back...this time I PROMISE! I didn't have Internet for a while, which made it pretty difficult to post on a regular basis. But, now I'm all set up and ready to go!

What have I been up to? Running, running, training, grad school, work, work, running, school. Sound busy enough for you?! haha

I just started back to grad school, one semester down, three more to go. So far its going pretty good and its GREAT to have an awesome gym at my university to go to for free.

Im about 3 weeks away from my second half marathon! I don't feel 100% ready for it, but I really wanted to do it because it is the very first half marathon that is being hosted in my home town. Gotta represent!! As part of my training I have been running small races just about every weekend. This past weekend I ran a 5K called "Run for the Hill". It was hosted by my old highschool, so you KNOW I just had to do it.

The boy came for support and took some GREAT pictures!

Run for the Hill 5 017

Pretending to cross the finish line while we waited for the race to start.

Run for the Hill 5 019

At the starting line

Run for the Hill 5 021

Taking off at the start! Im the one in the gray top and the black shorts

Run for the Hill 5 022

The start of the race was an awesome down hill start, but that was a tease, the rest of the race was ALL UP HILL!!

Run for the Hill 5 023

action shot!

Run for the Hill 5 024

Starting up the hill

Run for the Hill 5 025

Racing for the finish!

Run for the Hill 5 027

Run for the Hill 5 028

Thumbs up after the race!

I ended up with a time of 26:02, which I was happy with. I was hoping for a sub 25 time, but with all those hills, I thought my time wasn't too far from my goal. Hey, there is always next time! I also got 2nd place in my age group, so that was even better! :)

This Saturday I have another race that is a 10K. I am trying to get more noticed in the running community and make more friends that are runners. Does anyone have any suggestions as far as getting sponsors, or running for certain charities? Please let me know if anyone has any experience with this!

Hope everyone is having a great day and I'm sooo happy to be back and start to catch up with everyone again!

Love, Em.


  1. congrats on your race and time! hills are the absolute hardest, and i think you did a great job!

  2. Yay :) I'm so happy to see you back on the blog front. Great to see you running. I should start running lol. It's a great workout. I didn't know you were so into it!! I'm glad to see you doing well and I'll be here regularly ;) So I'm gonna hold you to it <3