Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Years!

Happy New Years to everyone! I am so excited about this New Year, Im hoping that it bring along a lot of new and exciting changes for me, so we shall see!

As part of the new year, I have committed to training for a full marathon. I have ran two halfs and feel like it is time to step it up a bit! I have decided to run the Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon because it is close to home, but still in a cool city that I have never seen.

I'm so excited! So today is Day #1 of training. I am hoping that I have time for everything...three jobs and full time grad school keeps me pretty busy! But we will see how it goes. I am going to try my HARDEST to keep all of you updated on the progress as I go along with my training.

I have decided to loosely follow the Hal Higdon's Marathon Training program. Has anyone ever followed this program? What did you think?

So today starts the training. I am headed to the gym for a cross training day. Any advice, tips, ANYTHING please fill me in :)




  1. Good luck! Best advice: don't forget to have fun with it! Check out Linz's recent post about marathon training at She really hit on some key points!

  2. good luck em! props to you for signing up for a full marathon! :)

  3. I bought Hal's book for my first Full and it was great! Congrats and best of luck to you with training! :0)

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