Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A New Start

Wow guys, its been a bit, huh?! I'm sorry I havent been super great at updating for a while, but life has thrown some pretty big (and awesome) changes my way. If you have read my blog before you know that I am from Tennessee, it is where I was born and where I have grown up for 25 years.

Well, just about four weeks ago, I packed up everything that I could fit into two cars and moved to Denver, CO with the boyfriend and our little baby puppy Moe.


There is my little family all packed up and driving across the country!

Since then I have been trying to adjust to living in a new city, finding a new job, finishing up the last two classes I have to get my MASTERS, and trying to find my place in this new life.

I have to say that Colorado fits me! EVERYONE here is active and healthy...something that is totally new to me, since in Tennessee I was one of the only ones that I knew who actually worked out regularly and ate healthy. I always got so much crap from all my friends, but here it seems like the norm! And I LOVE it!

Because of this, my running has really taken off to new heights that I never thought I would be able to achieve. In the four weeks that I have been here, I have already ran two local races. One was the Bolder Boulder 10K which is the 2nd largest race in the US.



Even with the altitude, I still managed to get close to the same time as a previous 10K that I had ran in Tennessee, so I was pretty excited that my times arent that far off, even at 5,000 ft!

The second race that I did was Jodi's Race 5k, which I finished 3rd in my age group and 8th female overall with a time of 24:30.

I am also training to run the Denver Rock and Roll Marathon, which I am super excited about and will be documenting my training in this blog! The apartment that we moved into has a gym and a running club that meets every Thursday, so it makes it SUPER easy to get my runs in! Denver is like a runner's paradise! who knew?! haha.

I have always found that this blog is super great for support from my AWESOME readers and I hope that I haven't completely lost all of my readers, and hope that you guys will still follow along with me as I start this new chapter in my life. Keep reading to find out where this crazy life takes me next!




  1. Colorado sounds AWESOME!! You rocked those races, wow!!

    Glad your back :)

  2. You've just moved to such a great city. I think Denver is one of the top places to live in the US, no? I hear you on living in a place with a bunch of like-minded people. I live in Ottawa, Canada - so many active people/ runners, its great.

    You are doing the Denver Marathon - wicked! I've read race reviews on that one, it looks great. Looking forward to reading how the training goes!

  3. Welcome back! And congratulations on all of your life changes... we have a lot to catch up on! I've always wanted to go to Denver, too. Glad you love it!

  4. Just started reading your blog. I'm training for the Denver Rock N Roll, too. Figured it's the perfect reason to visit a new city :) Your posts are making me even more excited - keep 'em coming!