Monday, May 17, 2010

Easy Run

So I decided to try out the advice that Kellie had given me in my previous post about slowing down my pace during my easy runs and concentrating more on distance than on time. This is sooo hard for me to do because I always get frustrated with myself if I feel like I'm running too slow. Hey, we are our own worst critics, right?!
But today I set a distance goal of 8 miles and thats it. I really even tried to slow myself down to the pace that I am supposed to do my long runs in, according to my training. I ended up going just a teeny tiny bit faster, but it went really well! I dont want to push myself so hard that I get burned out, so slowing it down was a nice change. Here are my stats:
Total Time: 1:23:03
Total Distance: 8.38 miles
Total Calories Burned: 700
Mile One: 9:38
Mile Two: 9:42
Mile Three: 9:59
Mile Four: 10:10
Mile Five: 9:58
Mile Six: 9:41
Mile Seven: 10:01
Mile Eight: 9:07
Keep in mind that my estimated pace time for training on long runs in 10:38. I dont think that I was too far off.

Also, Christy asked in my last post if I was training for a certain marathon. The answer is no, only because I can't decide which one I wanna do for my first one! Right now I am not technically training, since I dont have a set date for a marathon, but just trying to keep in top running shape and also to PR in a half that I AM running in October. Any suggestions as to what would be a good race to run for my very first marathon?! preferably one that is in october/november would be ideal. What was one of your favorite races?  

In unrelated running news, I just have to talk about something that I am SUPER EXCITED about. Three weeks from today I will be flying out to California to pick up my man! If you read my last blog you know that I have been in a long distance relationship for almost two years with Mike. He lives in California. The story of how we met might be a whole other post! :) Anyway, on his last visit we decided that we had both had enough of the distance and he said that he would move her with me while I finish school! Its scary/exciting/every other feeling you can think of. I bought a one way ticket and we are driving back across the country from Cali to my home in Tennessee! It will be a great adventure and I will get to see so many things that I have never seen before! And then I will actually have my boyfriend right beside me all the time, instead of 3500 miles away! :)
Whats that? You wanna see a picture of my hottie?! Well, OK if you insist :)
birthday!! 040
Not too bad huh?! hehe.
Well, ladies and gents, I'm off! Hope everyone had a wonderful Monday!
<3 Em


  1. I hear the best first marathons are the Marine Corps Marathon in DC and the Philadelphia Marathon. MCM closed months ago and I'm running Philly. It might be far from you but it's gotten great reviews and I know a lot of bloggers who ran it as their first and said it was great. Let me know what you decide!

  2. I don't run, but I find it so hard to take it slow on easier workouts...pacing myself is my biggest struggle.

    SO HAPPY that the long-distance thing is coming to an end- your road trip sounds amazing (something I am dying to do is drive across the US!) and I remember how hard this was for you. YAY!

  3. SO cute!! I agree with Christy.. I've heard the Marine Corps Marathon is a really popular first marathon, and Philly is also super flat!

  4. Philly sounds like a good idea. I'm doing the Nike Women's in San Fran for my first. As I begin my training I keep wondering why I picked a hilly one to start with! Congrats on having the boy near you! Long distance relationships sure add a lot of unnecessary stress.