Friday, May 14, 2010

"Cut" Short

So today's run was cut a little short. I was running along, feeling fine when I started noticing a little pain in my toe. It kinda felt like there might be a rock in my shoe or something, but it wasn't too bad so I just kept running. After about 2 miles though I felt like it might be worse than I thought....I sat down....took of my shoe...and THIS is what I see:
running 001
Ok, Im not gonna lie, I felt sorta like a badass with a bleeding foot at first. Until I starting freaking out thinking it might be something embedded in my foot, which would mean a doctors visit. So I immediately high tailed it over to my own personal doctor, aka mom.
After cleaning it up and examining it with a flashlight and magnifying glass. (yes, we were diggin' deep for answers) we found out it wasn't a piece of glass at all. What was the culprit you ask?! Well, as my mom said "I should be embarrassed to admit it", but it was my toenail! Thats right, I may or may not have skipped a few weeks of trimming the ol' toenails. They had gotten so long that one of them was digging into the other toe when I ran! Don't judge me, I'm busy ok?! So there ya go guys and girls first running tip of the new blog...ALWAYS MAKE SURE YOUR TOENAILS ARE TRIMMED :)
This should probably be a rule for life in general as well, cause come on thats just gross!
I got the clippers, took care of the problem, and got all bandaged up.
running 002
Please excuse the freakishly long toes. So no worries, kiddos, I will live to run another day :)
Because of this little nuance, my run today kinda sucked and isnt even really worth talking about.  But her are my stats anyways. For documentation sake.
Total Time: 17:48
Total Miles: 2
Calories Burned: 152
Mile One: 8:47
Mile Two: 9:01
Hopefully tomorrow will be a better run with no injuries! Until then HAPPY FRIDAY!
<3 Em


  1. You are so legit with that cut ;)

    <3 jess

  2. Totally badass ;) As long as you skip telling people about the toenails... I am guilty of that too until they start to really hurt!

    Have a good (blood free) weekend, Em!

  3. Badass indeed! I remember my first bloody discovery after a run! lol

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. Hey girl! I loved your last blog so I'm so glad you started up again! I just started my own blog too some come on over if ya get a chance =)
    have an awesome day!