Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekend Recap

Hey guys! Sorry for disappearing over the weekend. It was my roommates birthday on Friday, so we pretty much celebrated all weekend! So here is a recap of all the things that made up my weekend. Including birthdays, running, and good times with friends :)


The roomie's birthday was today and we had a full day of activities planned, so I woke up early for a run. It was a GREAT run. I had originally planned to run 5 miles, but once I got to five I felt awesome, so I added on two more. Don't you just love those days?! Too bad every run can't be like that. I also did a pretty good job of keeping a nice steady pace and didn't come on too fast at first. This is something that I have noticed that I do, so I think pacing myself really helped too and could have been why I felt fine to add on two more miles, because I hadn't worn myself out. Here are the stats:

Total Miles: 7.13

Total Time: 1:06:43

Total Calories Burned: 600

Average Pace: 9:21

Mile 1: 9:11

Mile 2: 8:59

Mile 3: 9:10

Mile 4: 9:30

Mile 5: 9:09

Mile 6: 9:26

Mile 7: 9:32

I think that I have found my comfortable pace (around 9:20 miles) so once I start getting 100% into training I'm going to try to work a little bit harder on speedwork so I can increase my speed a little more.

So after heading home, showering, and throwing on some new clothes I met my rommie and her stepmom for birthday pedicures. If you remember from the previous post I was in desperate need of one!

After that we speed home to get ready and all dressed up for dinner. I had gone to the restaurant beforehand and gave them a cake with candles to bring out after dinner to surprise. I worked out great and she was TOTALLY surprised!

Here is the birthday girl sporting the tiara that I got her

Britts 23rd Bday 026

Me and the birthday girl (I also got her the pin that says "its my birthday") yeah, I like birthdays. haha

Britts 23rd Bday 007

And blowing out the candles on the cake!

Britts 23rd Bday 016

After dinner we all went out dancing and such. The pictures stop at dinner. hmmm...I guess I have trouble holding on the ol' camera and dancing at the same time?


Saturday involved no running and was used as a "recover" day. Also, I worked all that day, so that was pretty much all I got done. Pretty boring Saturday huh?!


Back to running! I ran 5 miles today. It WAS blazin' hot outside, so unfortunately it was not one of those where I wanted to add more miles to my run! Here are the stats:

Total Miles: 5.28

Total Time: 51:16

Total Calories Burned: 440

Average Pace: 9:42 (a little slower than Friday)

Mile One: 9:07

Mile Two: 8:56

Mile Three: 9:47

Mile Four: 9:43

Mile Five: 9:28

The course I ran was a little but hillier than the one I ran on Friday, so that probably explains the slower pace. I still think I did a pretty decent job at keeping a nice steady pace throughout the run. YAY for me! Also, I noticed in both runs this weekend the second mile is the fastest. Coincidence? That might be something that I take note of.

What did I do with the rest of my Sunday you ask?!....

Well, I had a "double date" and by double date I mean myself and these two little hotties

Thats right, I watched the season finale of Lost DUH! Its only my favorite show ever and I am sooo sad that it is over! The finale was great though, I loved how they decided to end it. I was very satisfied with the conclusion! haha.

Is anyone else into Lost? If so, which one do you think is cuter? (if your not into the show you can just judge by the pics). I lean a little more towards Sawyer. I'm not usually into blondes, but you just cant beat those dimples! :)

Well, kiddos I'm out to start off my week!

Did everyone else have a good weekend? What did you guys do?

<3 Em


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! Nice job on the runs!

  2. thanks for the comment on my blog, sounds like you had a busy weekend!

  3. Ha I haven't watched LOST in years but I kind of want to watch the last episode so I can see how everything ended up! Not that I'll understand any of it...

    Looks like a great weekend filled with runs and fun!

  4. I can't WAIT to watch Lost! I'm overseas so have to wait for it to download....sorta illegally, hee hee.

    I'm more of a Sawyer fan....I tend to gravitate towards the bad guys. ;-)