Sunday, September 4, 2011

20 Miles..In the Books!!

Thats right kiddos, I tackled the 20 miler this morning! And it actually wasn't so bad.
I didn't even have to get up at the crack of dawn to run either because the weather has been PERFECT here. It was about 65 this morning, with a little bit of a chilly breeze, so it was great for running.
I woke up around 730, strapped on my camelback, packed up some GUs, ate a cliff bar, started up the Garmin and the Ipod, and was out the door by 8!
I swear sometimes I feel like I'm bogged down with all the crap that I have to bring on long runs, but it really does make all the difference to have all of that when you are running for more than 3 hours at once.
I ran on my usual running trail, out and back. The first 10 miles were great, I started out slow and just tried to enjoy the run and before I knew it, it was time to turn back around and head for home. I stopped for a bit and stretched out my legs and ate a GU and then booked it for home.
I was planning on stopping at mile 15 and stretching again and taking another GU, but when I hit mile 15 I was still feeling pretty good so I decided to keep truckin'
I'm not gonna lie, my legs are pretty mad at me, but I still feel good about the run and feel like it was a strong run. This makes me SO excited for the marathon! Let the taper begin!
Here are the splits:
  • Mile One: 9:45
  • Mile Two: 9:27
  • Mile Three: 9:28
  • Mile Four: 9:31
  • Mile Five: 9:36
  • Mile Six: 9:28
  • Mile Seven: 9:24
  • Mile Eight: 9:23
  • Mile Nine: 9:27
  • Mile Ten: 9:19
  • Mile Eleven: 9:14
  • Mile Twelve: 9:25
  • Mile Thirteen: 9:07
  • Mile Fourteen: 9:08
  • Mile Fifteen: 8:57
  • Mile Sixteen: 9:12
  • Mile Seventeen: 9:04
  • Mile Eighteen: 8:59
  • Mile Nineteen: 9:16
  • Mile Twenty: 9:09
I feel pretty good about the splits! I don't know if I can do the sub 4 hour marathon that I would LOVE to do, but we will see! The half next weekend will be a semi-determining factor. So we will see how that goes :)
Does anyone have any Labor Day races this weekend?


  1. What a confidence boost and a great run!!!! When is you marathon and what one are you dong??

  2. Miss Erosion- my marathon is on October 9 and I am running the Denver Rock and Roll!

  3. Wow this sounds like an amazing run! I wish I could wear my Camelbak in the Summer. I can only wear it with a t-shirt or else it rubs in the wrong places!!

  4. Great job girl!!!

  5. Awesome!!!! Checking off that 20 miles feels amazing, doesn't it?!

  6. Great job! I love the new layout too!

  7. YAYY 20 MILES!! Congrats, what a freakin accomplishment.
    Can't wait to do my first 20 miler in two weeks.