Thursday, September 1, 2011

Getting Organized

I am now down to 5 more weeks until marathon day! That means that next week will be my biggest week as far as mileage, and then starts the taper. Next week I will total almost 40 miles if I get all the runs in that I am on schedule for. Here is what it looks like:

  • Sunday: 20 miles
  • Monday: REST
  • Tuesday: 5 miles
  • Wednesday: 5 miles
  • Thursday: 10 miles
  • Friday: REST
  • Saturday: Cross Train

I also am looking for a half marathon for Sunday the 11th. Hopefully I can find one, because I haven't done a race in a while and I think that would be a fun way to get my long run in. I found one but it was full, I emailed the race director but I have yet to hear back :(

Hopefully I can get all those runs in this week, because my schedule is getting filled up pretty quick! The last semester of grad school starts today, so in honor of that I went out and bought me a nice little planner...and already have it filled.


Yes I am a super nerd, but hey it helps to be organized!!

Speaking of organization, I had a little spurt where I kept losing EVERYTHING! I left my ipod at the gym (thank GOD someone turned it in), I left my phone at work, etc, etc. So the boy gave me a little tip. Have a home for everything and always make sure whats supposed to be there is there. Sounds easy enough.

So on my next Target trip I picked up this little baby on clearance for $1!!


It holds all of my running gear:


Anything that I use for running is in here. My ipod and headphones, my RoadID, my Garmin and all its little plugs, my Spibelt, and everything in between. So far I think its a pretty awesome idea. And great for my because I tend to "misplace" things pretty easily.

Do you have any of your own organizational tips or tricks?

Anyone else running any race on the 11th?


  1. Wow that mileage scares me to do a marathon in the the same time it amazes me what the human body can do with some training. I just keep everything I use daily for work and what not in the bckpack I Carry to work, and pretty much never take it out.

  2. The only organizational tip I have is to yell and stomp around looking for things I lose on a daily basis and demanding that my husband has picked them up from where I last "remember" putting them and HE put them somewhere else. Hence: it's all his fault and he has to go find it for me.

    Maybe I should buy a bin... but then I'd probably lose the damn bin.