Saturday, September 3, 2011


Earndit...have you guys heard of this website? If you haven't you should totally click on that link and check it out. My friend from work, who is also a runner and training for a half marathon, told me about it and its awesome! Basically you just go to this site, sign up, and then you can upload all of your runs from your garmin or any other device you use. Certain mileage gives you a certain amount of points, and once you save up some points you can cash them in for things like gift cards, etc. If you are a runner you should totally check it out NOW!
In other news....I GOT SIGNED UP FOR THE HALF MARATHON NEXT WEEKEND!! I had mentioned in my previous post that I wanted to run the Denver Half Marathon next weekend, but it was limited to only 1000 runners and they were full by the time I found out about it. Well, I did a little begging (no shame here) to the race director and he let me in!!
It looks like a pretty cool race. Here are some of the details:
  • 13.1 miles
  • Only 1000 runners
  • 90% dirt tails, bike paths, and roads
  • Paths mostly take you along the Cherry Creek Reservoir
  • Elevation: around 5,500 feet
Here are some awesome picture from their website of some of the trail.

All images are from
I am kind of nervous about it being such a small race because of issues like getting lost, not enough water stations or course support, etc. I also have never done a trail race, which worries me a little as well.
BUT! I am just going to use this as a fun training run and do my best :) I am aiming for under 2 hours for my main goal and a stretch goal of 1:50 or better. Stay tuned for the race review after next Sunday!
Anyone else have any races or events coming up?
Any advice for trail runs?


  1. That race looks like it will be a pretty one to run! Good luck girl.. and I'll have to check out that website too. Gotta love Free stuff!

    Happy running!

  2. This race sounds amazing!! I would love to have this mix of trails and paths for a half-marathon :) Enjoy the race and make sure to tell us how it was!!

  3. This race looks like it will not get boring, that's for sure!! I've done one trail run before, but it was a loop circuit, so there wasn't really a risk of getting lost. I wouldnt worry about that - I'm sure you will be able to see someone running at all times....and if not, you'll see where they're going, ya know?

    Goooooood luck!!!!!!!!! kick butt lady.

  4. Very cool about Earndit...I'm definitely going to check it out!