Friday, September 30, 2011

Are You A Waver?

OK friends, its time to discuss a hot topic in running....waving.

Its been something that has been on my mind every time I come back from running and I want opinions!
Being from the south (and we ALL have heard of southern hospitality) EVERYONE waves. If you are a runner and you run past another runner you are more than likely going to be greeted in some way. Nothing big, a nod, a wave, a "good morning". You know.

So then I move to Colorado and its a gamble every time. Are they going to wave at me? Should I wave at them or will I look cheesy? What about bikers, they can't really take their hands off the wheel, so I guess they have an excuse.

I am most definitely a waver. I'll say it proudly. I like to acknowledge a fellow runner with a little smile and a wave. And I like it when they do the same back.

According to an article that I found in Runners World Magazine, age matters when it comes to waving. According to the article, older people are more likely to wave than younger people. Which I find to be mostly true, but then again, I am an avid waver. hmmm...

What if I told you Kara Goucher was a waver? Yep. In her book Running for Women, she clearly states that you should "wave to runners as you pass, this is an old custom among us. Let's keep it going". Read it and weep.

So I now I ask your opinion. Are you a waver or a nonwaver? And what are your reasons for either one?



  1. I am definitely a waiver! I love the camaraderie it creates with other runners. I say, keep the wave alive:)

  2. I am totally a waver! i have never understood why people won't. we are all out sweatin our butts off, puttin in the miles, at least a "good morning." it makes my whole run when someone responds or does it first:)

  3. More often than not I give a nod and a smile, but occasionally I wave to fellow runners. I feel like my waves are awkward t-rex waves though, with my elbow pinned by my side lol

  4. PS I should mention I am from WI, since you are talking about different areas :) I do not seem to be out of the norm where I am from because most others tend to just give the nod/smile/"hello" as well.

  5. I am definitely a waver, it's just the friendly thing to do, people appreciate it! Plus I have been running in the dark alot in the mornings, so it just lets that person know that I saw them and they are there, just in case they have other thoughts in their head lol

  6. I'm a waver 90% of the time. Sometimes I run past people and you can just tell they are doing everything in their power to not make eye contact (weird) so I don't usually wave to them, but most people I like to wave and say "Good Morning" or something. I know I like it when people say hi to me :)

  7. I LOVE to wave. Do it pretty much every time-- although maybe it isn't the best idea when I run by a homeless looking person.

    OOH my gosh so excited about your first marathon, that is SO are you going to kick it's butt!

  8. I wave as much as possible. Where I live all the farmers from their trucks and tractors wave. Sometimes the truckers honk and it scares the living daylights out of me!

  9. Good luck girl, you are going to rock this!!