Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Excitement

First and foremost, go check out my feature on Skinny Runner. Talk about excitement on a Monday morning!

Also, thanks for eveyone's suggestions on foam rollers. It definitely helped and I am going to be shopping for one today!

So since I crammed in all of my runs PLUS a long run into five days in a row last week, I decided to take Saturday and Sunday off to give the ol legs a rest. Although, I'm not sure how much a rest they got, since I bought ANOTHER pair of heels to wear to work all weekend. Hey, how can you possibly say no to these...

Shoes from Ninewest

After a weekend of rest on the legs, I wasready to get some running in this morning. I woke you to the boyfriend's alarm at 745 and was out the door runnin...literally! :)

I did an easy 4 miles at about an 8:30 pace. Its weird because everyone talked about the altitude being different and effecting my running when I moved. But when I run I can't really tell much of a difference (as far as being short of breath, tiring faster, etc.) but I am a little bit slower here! My races have been off by almost a whole minute! And usually at home, I can run about a 7:45 pace. Maybe its just me though.

Speaking of races, I did one here a couple of weeks ago called Jodi's Race for Awareness. It was really fun and because I always take really horrible and hilarious race photos, I thought I might share a few :)


Concentrating hard on that finish line!


Im embarrassed to even show this one...I mean, I didn't even know I was capable of making a face like that! Way to go race photographer for capturing me at my finest :)

I also managed to get my first race injury...and not from running the race, but from jogging back to my car like a complete idiot. See?


It was actually a pretty rough trip on some gravel and would not stop bleeding! So, I couldnt make it back to the awards ceremony because I was bleeding all over the place! When I got home I checked the results and I ended up finishing in 24:16 and got 3rd place in my age group and 8th female overall. They were also nice enough to mail me this:


I love it when the race directors are nice enough to send awards if you didn't make it to the awards ceremony. There have been so many races that I have not received my award from!

So now that my run is finished for the day, my breakfast has been consumed, and my blog is updated, I am ready to start the day! Today is my day off from work, so it looks like I will be doing some housewife duties like grocery shopping, laundry, and cleaning! Better get to it.

Hope everyone has a great Monday!

Have you ever gotten a bad injury from a race?

Do you usually take GREAT race photos, or do most of yours come out looking like mine?!


  1. Hey girl! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am now "following" you!

    That knee looks crazy painful! Hope it's all healed up!

  2. Hey!

    Found you through SkinnyRunner!

    Painful injury! Eek! Hope it heals quickly.

  3. Just found your blog through Skinny Runner... that's a nasty fall you took! Hopefully it doesn't affect your running much, that is always a major downer! ~Mac

  4. Found you the same way the peeps above did! Great blog! Can't wait to read more..gotta head back to work currently - stop over at mine sometime and say hey!

    PS. I hate that for you knee! I do that kinda stuff all the time. I'll be just standing somehwere still and fall over.. how this happens I'll never understand! ha

  5. That must have been a nasty trip! You've had a rough go lately - that trip, the bee sting in the face, geez! I loved you feature on Skinny Runner - what a great way to start the week for sure :)

  6. Hey Emily! I'm visiting from SR and just wanted to say hello! I live outside of Denver and work downtown, so if you ever want to get together for a run, shoot me a message!

  7. Visiting from SR, wanted to say hey!

    Love love those shoes & enjoyed reading a few of your posts too! Sometimes the heals are just worth the pain ;-)

  8. From SR, LOVE the shoes!!!!! Great job on the run! I have never gotten injured from a run but have from a bike ride!

  9. Found you from skinny runner.

    Love all the shoes you post :)

  10. Ouch!! I've never had an injury that has bled, but I was so sore after my first BodyPump class that when one of my students made me laugh, I started to cry because my muscles seized and HURT! Then I started to laugh harder because I was crying. Talk about a vicious circle!

  11. Found you through SR too! I live in Denver and make sure to check out the highline canal which is awesome, much more nice on the feet than the Cherry Creek Trail for your long runs! Also I sell foam rollers so let me know if you need one, they are a must for runners! Have a good one.

  12. Ouch! I have never been injured on a race, but once during one of my long runs it was slick out and I feel and sliced my knee open as well, looked somewhat similar to yours.

  13. 24 minutes is AMAZING! You go girllll :)

  14. Hey! Thanks so much for your comment, I saw your blog on Skinny Runner, so I'm glad you reached out. My hubby and I are moving into our apt in Boulder at the end of this week, and I'm really excited for Colorado! :)

  15. Hello, sent over from SR looking forward to reading your blog

  16. Hey!! Found you on SR and I'm here in Colorado as well. Looking forward to reading all about you're running adventures!