Thursday, June 16, 2011

Not gonna stop me!

Yesterday I was scheduled for a 5 mile run. I had decided that since I worked at 8 until around 4 that I would just go for my run after work. I wanted to start my run by at least 5 so that I could be back in time to cook dinner for the boyfriend (yes, I like to play house wife). Well, obviously SOMEONE didn't want me to go for a run because one thing after the other popped up to try and stop me.
  • FIRST: On my way home from work there was a MAJOR traffic jam...that I imagine looked something like this:

oh hello, downtown Denver at 5 oclock.
  • Because of said traffic jam, I did not make it home until 515. Thats right people 45 minutes for a 15 minute drive. But thats OK, I wasn't gonna let a little 30 minute draw back stop me!
  • SECOND: I quickly change into my running clothes, grab my keys, my ipod, and....wait....where are my headphones?! I searched and searched, but they were nowhere to be found. I decide, "hey, I can run without them, no. big. deal." and I'm out!
  • THIRD: Half way to the gym I realize I had forgotten something very important....water. I turn around and go back.
  • 2nd time going to the gym, half way there, I remember where my headphones are. I decide to just keep going and run without them. typical.
  • FINALLY get to the gym! Pumped out a miserable 5 mile run on the treadmill with no music and two obnoxious breathers right beside me.
  • Made it back to the apartment at 7:00, one hour later then I had planned.
Yes, today's run was a challenge. But thats OK. Sometimes things are going to pop up that present themselves as challenges and you just have to work through them. I could have let any number of those things stop me from my run and just put it off until tomorrow (believe me, I thought about it multiple times). But in the end, when I have finished that run even with all those things trying to stop me, it just feels that much better that I actually did it! So, in a way I think I like challenges, because it reminds me that I can do anything I set my mind to, know matter what comes up to try and stop me!
I hope you guys tackle some of your challenges today and let them make you stronger! Today I have a 3 mile run scheduled, shouldn't be too difficult...but ya never know ;)


  1. Get it girl! I sit in 45 minutes of traffic for a 15 minute drive every day. Thanks, Houston, you suck. Sometimes when I run without music it's glorious and sometimes it's miserable, props to you for gettin it done, I don't know if I could survive 5 miles on the TM without music.

  2. Way to still get in a workout!! 45 minutes of traffic STINKS!!

  3. Well that's some traffic!

    I can't stand heavy, loud breathers either...