Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Legs Hate Me

Wearing these for a 9 hour work day...

Then doing this for 12 miles...
Run for the Hill 5 023
Then wearing these for an 8 hour work day....

Shoes from ninewest
Then coming straight home and doing this...

Image from Brix Articles
Equals this...

Image from satisfying the muse
My legs are cursing the day I decided to take a job that requires me to be on my feet in heels all day AND start marathon training all at the same time.
They need some love. I tried to get the boyfriend to give me a leg massage last night, but that wasn't happening. That being said, I need some tips on foam rollers and compression socks. Im in the market, so give me your suggestions, likes, dislikes, etc. It would be MUCH appreciated :)
For now I think an ice bath and some stretching will have to do. I have another 9 hour work day to get through today! I'm thinking smaller heels this time.
How do you prevent soreness from running?
What is everyone doing this weekend?


  1. They sure DO deserve lost of love after a tough two days!!

  2. I completely feel your pain! I work in a law office and have to wear heels every day and my feet always hurt then I go run on them and they are just screaming at me, I can't seem to keep the calluses away lol

  3. I give you props for even wearing hills to work. Ever since I started running more miles, the heels went into the back of my closet. Then again, I teach 8 year olds so I don't think they really judge me by my shoes lol.

  4. haha - i totally agree. i started out my job in heels...but then quickly realized that a cute pair of flats will do just fine :)

  5. Yeah if you're on your feet that long you might need to move onto some nice flats!

    I like my foam roller, but he makes me cry sometimes. Especially when I use him on my ITB. But, the more I use it the less my legs hurt when I do use it and the better they feel afterwards. It's a good kind of pain and much cheaper than going for a real massage everyday (when you can't convince someone to give you one for free that is!).

  6. I love my foam roller. I have one that is about 18 inches long and usually follow a video from youtube after I run. It's great!
    I also have one of these
    and it really helps too.
    Additionally, I roll a golf ball or other hard ball (hahaha) under my feet while watching tv. It helps for plantar fasciitis.

  7. I am not a heel wearing type gal because I feel the pain all day and during my runs. I have Zensah compression sleeves for pain in my legs and LOVE them. Plus there are all different colors. Go for the smaller sizes because you want a nice tight fit.

  8. A foam roller is a must! I do like my CEP Compression socks. I started having calf problems in the spring, and now always wear compression socks when I run.

    Good luck!

  9. I just found your blog from SkinnyRunner! I live in Denver and am also training for the Rock and Roll Full in the Fall. Just thought I would say hello:)

  10. I stopped wearing high heels when I was training for my marathon and stuck to cute ballet flats or very small kitten heels or wedges, your body will thank you. I def recommend using a foam roller or a tennis ball, which is what I prefer because it gets deeper into the tissue for a better effect IMO. For during and after runs, I swear by my Sugoi compression sleeves, they help you recover SO much faster than not wearing anything, just make sure you get the right size so they are really snug. Good luck!

  11. Just saw your post on Skinny Runner!
    I love getting pedicures. A lot of times you can get the massage by itself. Also a tennis ball is cheap & effective way to massage. Good luck.

  12. I love my CEP compression sleeves and would not be able to run as much as I do without them! Thanks to Skinny Runner for sending me your way :)

  13. I love my CEP compression socks and they are bright PINK! I sometimes wear them to work under jeans too, they work wonders. :)

    I also foam roll like a mad woman, every night after dinner I am rollin' and watching bad TV :)