Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What a Weekend!

So this weekend was a pretty crazy one, the boyfriend and the roommate had a bunch of their highschool friends come to visit and stay at our apartment. It was fun, but having 15 guys around ALL weekend (even sleeping in the floor of your living room) was a little rough!

We did get to go to a Rockies baseball game, though. It was a lot of fun and we even got hooked up with great seats! Right on the first base line!


The stadium was packed!


The boyfriend and I at the game


All the boys. Taco Bell has this deal with the Rockies that if they score 7 runs everyone gets free tacos, so his shirt says "we want tacos!"


Tyler came to visit all the way from Texas for the weekend


Of course I had to get a cheesy group shot of all the highschool friends.


And the whole group after the game.

It was the first time I had ever been to that stadium and it was really fun. We will definitely be going a lot more this summer, since we live so close to the field!


This weekend I got in my 11-miler, no problem! Isn't great when you can just breeze through those long runs and feel really good about them? Last week I was struggling to do my 9-miler! Its so weird how somedays I can run that much and not even think anything of it, and other days even 3 miles is a struggle. I guess that just shows you what a difference it makes when you hydrate correctly, eat the right things before or after your run, and get enough sleep the night before.  I did the run at a moderate pace at this park that I found that is GREAT for running. It looks a little like this:

Its like a runners heaven, there are paved paths, gravel paths, and dirt paths to choose from and runners are EVERYWHERE! I LOVE IT!

I took Sunday as a rest day and yesterday I busted out a 4-miler on the treadmill after work. I was so tired after work and running just made me feel SO much better. Thats why I love running, it always instantly puts me in a better mood to break a sweat! :)

Today I am on schedule for a 6-miler. I don't know if I am going to go to the same park, or try and find a new one. There are SO many parks in Denver, I feel like I should try them all. You know, just to be objective about it!

Hope everyone else had a great weekend, and a great Father's Day!

Do you have a favorite running spot where you live? More than one favorite?



  1. Hi new blog friend! :)

    Hmmm, my favorite place to run is just a simple 5 mile loop from my house. It is mostly backroad with a touch of in-town running. Oh, and NO hills. :)

  2. You are your boy are SO cute!! ;)

  3. Hello! I found you through Kimi :) My favorite spot to run is an old converted Railroad track, called Tammany Trace. It is over 20 miles long and connects a few towns together...shaded in most areas...wide enough for runners and bikers to share the road!

  4. It is funny how one day a workout can seem crazy hard and then the next tie the same one (or one even harder in your case) can seem like a breeze!

    I live on a hill, both ways - so no matter which way I go I end up having to run up a nasty hill to get back home, so I guess my favourite place to run is anywhere flat! lol, those hills at the end really break my heart!

  5. I'm so glad you are enjoying denver! Good running trails/parks are key!

    As for me, I definitely have some favourite routes. To switch it up, I run them in the opposite direction!

  6. I am the same way, some days I can do a wonderful long fast run and the next I am dead within like 10 minutes. I have a hard time taking rest breaks though throughout the week. I just like to go go go!
    I have a favorite running trail but no longer will be running it, it is alongside a highway, and last week one of my friend's sisters got hit by a car running alongside a highway..kind of scared me a little...I will be searcing for a new route.