Friday, October 7, 2011

Its the Final Countdown

Thats right people, after the 4+ months of training and doing nothing but think about running, talk about running, and actually has come down to one more 2 mile run tomorrow and then BAM:

Im pretty sure I spent a good 3 hours last night on the website reading every. single. sentence. about the marathon. And I'm pretty sure my stomach was doing flips the whole time.

Im nervous! and excited! and FREAKING OUT! all at once. man this whole running a marathon is GREAT!! I just hope I make it across the finish line without having to crawl or be carried across. Everyone cross your fingers :)

Tonight I planned on going to the expo, since they say that locals should take advantage of the Friday expo because Saturday will probably be packed with people traveling for the marathon. However, one thing I did not want to miss was this girl speaking at the expo:

Yep. Kara Goucher is going to be there! I'm thinking about getting her to sign my running shorts. You know. maybe the speediness will rub off!

She is scheduled to be there on Saturday, but I really wanted to go to the Expo today, so I may just be the biggest dork in the whole world and go both days. I was thinking about wearing a disguise in case anyone noticed me and then getting double the free stuff.

SO stay tuned on a recap of the expo! It should be a good one!

In other news, I got the most excited email the other day from Honey Milk, and guess what?!

I'M ON THE TEAM!!! Thats right, I am a HoneyMilk Athlete :) You can go to their athletes page at and scroll through the bazillion athletes and find me if you want. Its a horrible picture and a horrible write up. But do I feel pretty awesome about it?! You betcha'

Also, today and tomorrow will be spent trying to put together 4+ hours of awesome, adrenaline pumpin' music for my marathon playlist....AND I NEED YOUR HELP!! Everyone tell me some of the music that you love to run to, so that I can fill my time listening to the music that gets you going while I run 26.2 miles. Thanks!

P.S. I LOVED reading everyone's comments on waving to fellow runners. It looks like an overwhelming majority of you are avid wavers. And for that I salute you! Maybe its just because ALL bloggers are super awesome and nice. Keep those waves coming!


  1. Let me know if you have spotify. I have a killer playlist for the marathon!

  2. WOOHOO you are going to have such a great marathon!!!

    I would be such a dork and I'd totally go to both days of expos haha. Wouldn't miss Kara Goucher speaking, that's great that they got her!

  3. You are gonna KILL it! Good luck....and have fun, it what's we work hard for. :)

  4. This post has far too much excitement in it! I SO hope you get to see/meet/hug/go home with Kara Goucher, whichever she will allow you to do!

    Congrats on making Team HoneyMilk! How did you get on the team? What do they/you get out of it?

    And of course last, but not least, GOOD LUCK in the race!!!! You're going to kill it!

  5. I hope that you are rocking it right now:):) Those 4+ months of hard work is going to pay off for you.

  6. Good luck girl! You are going to do great! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  7. I would pee my pants if I saw Kara Goucher in person.

  8. I'm a little late on this and you have probably run it alrady but I hope you did amazing!!! I can't wait to hear all about it! So jealous of you if you actually got to see Kara! Snag as much free stuff as possible!

  9. I'm late to the party and I'm sure you had an awesome run so I'll say that I too would be a super dork and go both days too ;)