Thursday, October 13, 2011

What's Next?!

Well, it hasn't even been a week and I am already itching to start running again!

I took a good solid 3 days off and just rested and relaxed. Yesterday I was about to chew my arm off because I wanted to go for a run so bad! SO today I threw on my running clothes and grabbed my playlist from the marathon and did an easy 3 mile run on the treadmill...and ALOT of stretching.

After that I came home and sat on the computer for hours trying to plot my next running move! Another marathon? A half marathon? Maybe a few smaller races over the next few weekends? Ahhh, the possibilities are endless!

And the boy thought that he would get to stop hearing all the running banter every night after I ran the marathon ;) It didn't burn me out at all, only encouraged me to do more! And hey, if I put up with him looking like this when he takes me out to dinner...

Then he can put up with my "running-obsessive-ness".
AND he isn't the only one that can dress up with balloon accessories either!

Anyone have any suggestions for future races?! Tell me about your races coming up!


  1. I am craving some races already too! I hate that winter is quickly approaching :(

  2. sounds like you've officially been bitten by the marathon bug! :) i would love to do a relay race sometime...i think that would be super fun!

  3. I know what you mean, I'm already planning races for next year!
    Running gives you the itch!

  4. I hope I feel this way after mine :) Maybe you should do Vegas! I will be there running the half!!!

  5. You should do the Green Bay one in May, another blogger and I are going to do it! Plus I need motivation for my first full :)

  6. Do a Relay! I'm doing my first next weekend, I'm super excited! (Ragnar Las Vegas)

  7. I really want to do RnR San Diego. I think it sells out early too. I might do the Galloping Goose 10k next Saturday at Quincy Reservoir. But I do know another marathon is in my plans and a few halfs.

  8. Do a relay! Or a Tri....I transitioned from running to tri's and I LOVE it.

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