Tuesday, October 18, 2011

You Be the Judge

Tonight was the second annual pumpkin carving contest between the boy and I. We already went through two rounds of judging..and now its your turn!

So take a look at the two jack-o-lanterns that we whipped up last and tell me which one you like best...

Contestant #1:

Contestant #2:

Ok, make your decision. Contestant #1 or #2. We have a little bit going on to see who will win this round of judging ;) I'll let you know whose is whose after you vote!


  1. I love #1 and my husband likes #2!!!

  2. Oh they are both really good...but my vote is for #2!

  3. I like #1 because I like shaper lines, but #2 is also very cute!

  4. Oh man this is so hard! The first one has great detail and the second one is so cute! If I had to choose though, I would have to say #1!

  5. I like both of them for different reasons. # 1 looks like some crazy mad carving skills, but I enjoy # 2 because it's friendly and cute. :)

  6. I have to go with the traditional scary Halloween theme and vote for #1!