Thursday, October 27, 2011

You guessed it!

After carefully tallying all of the votes and taking into consideration all sides, we have a clear winner...
It was a landslide win for pumpkin #1

Who carved this work of genius you ask?....
birthday!! 028
Yes, I guess you could say my pumpkin trumped pumpkin #2

On the running front I have been DYING to do another race! I loved all of your suggestions from a couple of posts ago. I looked into some relays and this one seems pretty freakin cool...
Its not until August, but that would give me plenty of time to get a team together. Anyone wanna join?!
I also would LOVE to do the Vegas Half Marathon, like ALOT of you are doing. My roommate is actually going to be in Vegas that weekend, so I might just try to make it happen, we will see. 
And now I leave you with the most important question of all....
What in the world should I be for Halloween?!!!


  1. AHH! I want to do a relay race SO bad!!! I'll run it with you if you need people to join you :)

    Killer pumpkin, by the way! I'd love to give you Halloween suggestions but I haven't even thought of any for myself yet, oops...

  2. I've looked at that relay forever but it ALWAYS seems to fall on the same weekend as something else!! Plus, I love the Boat--great place to finish up a relay!

  3. I've run the Wild West Relay before and it was such a blast! You should definitely do it!

  4. hmm...i heard people in the store tonight talking about dressing up as iphones. my friend her boyfriend are dorothy and the scarecrow this year. :)

  5. A relay would be awesome!! I'd be down to join your team!!