Thursday, July 14, 2011

BINGO...The World's Most Dangerous Sport

Last night the boyfriend and I decided to head down to a local bar and participate in their weekly game of BINGO.


He won the first game and the I punched him in the face, because I wanted the crown! (notice the black eye).

OK OK just kidding! I didn't really punch him (even though I really was jealous of the win). He got the black eye from an injury at work, and we have been joking all week that I have been roughing him up.

Bingo was fun, even though I didn't win a damn thing! The boyfriend won the first game, the crown, a Spiderman yo-yo, and a free drink. Let me tell you, no one should ever allow this guy to have a yo-yo. I was worried all night that I was going to be coming home with a matching black eye!

A BIG THANKS to everyone who crossed their fingers for me and my ankle. Because it worked! All it needed was a little TLC yesterday and I was ready to go again this morning, with zero pain! The boy and I goggled searched ankle pain and we came to the conclusion that it was probably inflamed from running on it for so long. Since that was the first time that I had ever ran that far. A little rest, icing, and ibuprofen and I was good to go!

This morning I wanted to do my run at a little faster pace, since it was a shorter run. I decided that I wanted to aim for a little bit better than an 8 minute mile pace...and I beasted it!

Here are the splits:

Mile One: 8:08

Mile Two: 7:53

Mile Three: 7:51

Mile Four: 7:54

Mile Five: 7:34 <----I totally BOOKED it for the last quarter mile

By the time I was done I was a smelly, sweaty, muddy mess But isn't that just the best way to be after a run?! Maybe its just me...

Now its time to shower up, eat up, and get ready for another long work day. I just have to get through tonight and then tomorrow I have the whole day off. What am I going to do with myself?!


  1. Oh my gosh I love bingo. I went with my cousin to a place in Arizona last December. The entire room was filled with people over the age of 50. I was so bummed I didn't win, but I had so much fun! The prizes were all $$$ prizes, so I got really into it.

    Hooray for your ankle! I agree, running until you are a muddy mess is the best!

  2. Yay glad to hear your run went good with no pain!

  3. Oooh you kicked butt on your run today! I love it when things go better than planned :)

    ps: ahhhh that black eye!!! ??? I hope it heals quickly!

  4. a spiderman yoyo? What an awesome prize!

    glad your ankle is better!