Thursday, July 28, 2011

Treadmill Long Run

Confession: Im TIRED!
Working on your feet all day and running 30 miles a week will do that to ya, I guess.
So this morning when the alarm went off for my long run at 6AM, can you really blame a girl for wanting to sleep in a little bit on her only day off?!
Add on to the fact that this is what I share my bed with:
pretty darn cute huh?
So yes, I kept sleeping and by the time I was up and ready to go at 830 this morning it was already 78 degrees. Oh yeah, and my garmin was dead. Guess you kinda have to charge those things if you plan on using them often. who knew?
So I did what any good/totally insane runner would do, and turned to the treadmill.
Yes. 12 miles. ON.THE.TREADMILL. I got to watch Good Morning America, Regis and Kelly, AND two episodes of say yes to the dress. Lets just say everyone in the gym today was thrilled that I got there first and had control over the remote!
So I got it done. Even though it wasnt the most enjoyable thing in the world. Now its time to relax by the pool. If you ask me, it was well earned :)
I also want to thank everyone for your race suggestions! Sarah suggested a muddy buddy race which I think would be perfect. The boy even said he may just do that one with me.
Hope everyone is having a great week!
Any training set backs that you have conquered?


  1. Twelve miles on the treadmill is SUPER impressive--you go girl!!

  2. Wow, that is dedication right there! I don't think I could do it, I get annoyed after 2 miles on the treadmill!!

  3. Your dog is so precious! And 12 miles on the treadmill is super impressive, I can't do it so props to you!

  4. 12 miles on the treadmill freaking rocks girl!! HOpe you enjoyed your pool day!

  5. I have been watching Regis and Kelly all week on the elliptical, it sure does kill time and make the work seem a lot quicker, hope you had a great weekend!

  6. Nice work on the treadmill long run, i don't think I could do something like that!! But it sounds like it'd be fun to watch TV while running for that long.