Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fourth of July Weekend: Part Two

Sorry for delay on the second part two of the MEGA 4TH series. Working a 13 hour shift yesterday = no time for ANYTHING else. Yes, its a hard life...but gotta make that dough!
Lets get right back into it...
After hiking for a few miles, we reached the top where there was a lake and a clearing to have a picnic and fish.
Beautiful view from the top
Part of the lake
Getting ready to catch some big ones!
I even tried my hand at fishing. I was DETERMINED to catch one and wanted to hog the pole the entire time until I did...but other people wanted a chance too (imagine that!)
All the kiddos set up a blanket and had a picnic while we fished
The hike back down
I caught the boyfriend hugging a tree on the way down...I like all this nature stuff is starting to get to him! :)
And I will end the second part of the mega fourth series with the cutest picture from the picnic know, so you can have your morning dose of cuteness for the day!
The boyfriend and his niece...pretty damn cute, huh?!
Stay tuned tomorrow for part three of the MEGA 4TH SERIES: THE RACE!!!
Now I am off to work a 10 hour shift. I guess I'll cry all the way to the bank!
Have you ever been fishing? caught anything good?
Anyone do any races on the fourth?

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  1. I'm a horrible fisher, but I still like to do it! Your pictures are awesome, looks like it was a great trip!